Hi there!  Hope you're all doing well.  I still have more photos that I've taken that I haven't prepared for the web page here yet.  I'm workin on it! . Enjoy the photos. Simply click on an underlined link below and view the picture, and click on the "back" button in your browser to return to here.   Stay tuned!

07/08/12 - A day at The Lake with The Switzers July, 2012
05/28/12 - Paul & Radhika's Blessings at the Aggarwals pictures at the Aggarwals
05/27/12 - Paul & Radhika's Wedding Day! pictures at the Westing and MGM Grand
05/26/12 - Paul & Radhika's Sangeet Party pictures from Pop
05/25/12 - Paul & Radhika's Tailgate Party pictures from Pop
05/25/12 - Paul & Radhika's Tailgate Party pictures at Tremontis from Kaitlyn - All 355 of them!
05/25/12 - Paul & Radhika's Mendhe Party pictures from Pop
05/24/12 - Paul & Radhika's Dance Practice for the Sangeet
11/24/11 - Christmas at Jeanne and Yasso's house 2011
11/01/11 - Paul & Radhika's Engagement Party videos
07/13/09 - Jonny's apartment for his summer 2009 Co-op assignment. Wow! Nice!
07/12/09 - Julie & Family visit the Lake for a much needed week of fun in the sun! (July 2009)
10/19/05 - Pictures of the new baby with Julie, Rob, Kevin, Paul & Renee
12/15/04 - Katie gets a new hairdo! Woo hoo!
12/10/04 - Kevin Graduates from the Oakland Police Academy... Way to go Kev!
10/31/04 - Halloween 2004" See Noelle, Katie, and Jon & his friends. Jon & Katie made their own outfits! (with a little help from mom & dad)
10/20/04 - Katie's "Wacky Tacky", Homecoming 2004 & Other fun pictures 2004 Lookin good for the 2004 Homecoming!
09/24/04 - Jacob is Born! See his first pictures!
09/23/04 - Katie & Friends - Black & Gold Day Bishop Foley celebrates "Black & Gold Day"
09/21/04 - Jonny goes crazy! He takes the school's "Wacky Tacky Day" and "Erkel Day" seriously!
09/19/04 - Anne Marie Turns 13! Now she's a TEENAGER - Yikes!
09/16/04 - Jim Crombe turns 80! Yes, we have a new Octogenarian in our midst! See the photos to prove it!
07/01/04 - Reed Ranch 2004 What a great time for everyone!
06/13/04 - Katie Goes to CHICAGO with her friend Monica and her family. Such fun!
05/30/04 - Jill & Todd Get Married - What a happy couple!
05/22/04 - Jon Gets Confirmed and his family and friends are there to celebrate it with him!
05/17/04 - Katie has a 'SPA DAY' for her friends to celebrate her birthday!
05/01/04 - Katie's 15th and Jonny's 14th B'Days Family and friends join us for their birthdays
04/15/04 - Smoky Mtn. Vacation - 2004 Photos of our Easter vacation
07/01/03 - Katie's Dance Recital She does a Hip-Hop number on stage for over 1,000 people!
06/28/03 - Reed Ranch 2003 A great summer vacation at the ranch!
06/06/03 - Katie Graduates from Guardian Angels - June 2003
04/30/03 - Katie's 14th Birtyday / Walleyball / Sleepover Party!
04/20/03 - Easter 2003 A great Easter day with the family!
02/15/03 - Julie & Rob's first pictures from their new "Christmas Camera"
01/13/03 - Noelle Elizabeth Yasso (Switzer) is born! See the pictures
11/16/02 - Jeanne's Baby Shower at Amazing Grace
11/16/02 - Katie & Anne Marie Best Buddies!
11/08/02 - Katie gets new clothes and comes up into Dad's office to show him!
10/31/02 - Halloween 2002 Katie and Jonny win 1st place carving both sides of this cool pumpkin!
10/01/02 - The Crombe House Gets a long overdue facelift!
07/13/02 - Radio Control Car racing and Lake Huron fun - July, 2002
07/04/02 - July 4th, 2002 A wonderful weekend at 'The Lake'!
07/02/02 - Reed Ranch 2002 Lots of deer, eagles, bears, canoeing, golfing and of course fishing!
05/13/02 - May 13, 2002 Skateboarding Jonny and Mike build skate ramps and hit them for some fun!
04/27/02 - Kid's Birthdays 2002 Jonny and Katie turn 12 and 13!
04/13/02 - New skate park Opens! - The "Landslide" skate park opens and the "Boys" head on over!
03/31/02 - Easter 2002 The "gang's all here" for a nice Easter dinner.
03/30/02 - Stephanie joins the Catholic Church, Easter 2002 - Congratulations Steph!
03/30/02 - Sarah Michelle Switzer is ONE DAY old! She her first 'Web Photo Shoot' !!
03/28/02 - Jon's NEW sport! It's a new skateboard for his birthday!
03/24/02 - Switzer Birthdays were celebrated at Jeanne and Yasso's. Check it out!
03/21/02 - Katie Makes the NJHS Katie gets inducted into the National Junior Honor Society as Treasurer
03/03/02 - Jon's Snowboarding Video See Jon & his Friend Mike in their first Snowboarding video!
03/02/02 - Jeff & Andrea's Shower On March 2, 2002 their family and friends gave them a great baby shower. See the photos!
01/06/02 - Sledding - December 2001 A few neighbors dropped by for the first snow of the seaon in our back yard!
01/06/02 - New Years 2002 Had the 'senior family members' over for a nice New Year dinner and party.
01/06/02 - Christmas 2001 at Julie & Robs We drove out to Boston for a great visit
11/21/01 - Jeanne & Yasso 150 photos from their wedding!
08/17/01 - Ellen & David 100 photos from Ellen Jorgensen's wedding
08/17/01 - Reed Ranch 2001 Big fish, gorgeous sunsets!
12/08/00 - Thanksgiving 2000 Photos from our Thanksgiving 2000 get-together.
12/06/00 - A mouse! Visits Grandpa Switzer's head!
10/31/00 - Halloween 2000! See Katie and Jonny in costume and the haunted house they built with friends on the porch!
7/06/00 - By popular demand, I've put a link to the "original" photos (not compressed, cropped, sharpened) of all the pictures I have.
5/16/00 - A buck wandering through our backyard the other morning.
3/07/00 - Jonny and Katie won Music Trophies at the Mich. Music Assoc. competition last weekend in Grand Rapids. Way to go kids!
12/24/99 - Click Here for a Christmas Photo of the four of us taken Christmas Eve 1999
12/17/99 - Jon's Basketball team ends up with a big win! Click here to see the hot photos!
12/08/99 - My favorite Christmas cartoon!
11/25/99 - Thanksgiving 1999 - Shots of the big Turkey Day at the Crombe house.
10/31/99 - Halloween 1999 - Katie, Jonny, Chris and Cathy get dressed up, visit the neighbors and later inspect their booty!
10/22/99 - Jonny Wins a Bike! - Katie's Volleyball team too!
9/07/99 - Eight photos of The Reed Ranch Gang Get-Together - Summer '99
9/07/99 - Einstein has his first birthday.  Katie made him this cake and we gave him this this toy!
9/07/99 - The Switzer's kitchen get's totally redone!  Here's the work in progress...  One, Two, Three, Four, Five
9/07/99 - Jonathan is taking Judo lessons now.  Here's a few shots of him in action:  One, Two, Three
9/07/99 - Katie plays nurse to her patient Jonny here:  One, Two
9/07/99 - Off to school 1999 for Katie & Jonny! One, Two.
9/07/99 - Connie & Jack visited us recently along with Norb & Sylvia.
9/07/99 - The Big Birch Tree finally falls at the cottage at Lake Huron!
9/07/99 - Our puppy Einstein shows off his new haircut!
8/06/99 - Jonny and Katie opening surprise gifts from "Aunt Juju"!  What fun!  Click here:  One Two Three Four
5/14/99 - Our fun filled trip to the Smokey Mtns. - swimming, horseback riding, Gatlinburg, mining, caves, and of course - mountains!
5/13/99 - Nice photo of Jan & John Easter '99 afternoon!
5/13/99 - 9 photo "album" of our family at Switzers, Easter afternoon '99
4/15/99 - Anne Marie - My Goddaughter hard at work doing her homework.
4/14/99 - Katie's Treat - Katie surprised us with this "spread" for our bedtime snack today!
4/04/99 - Happy Easter! - Easter '99 photo of the Crombe family.
4/04/99 - Einstein Easter '99! - Photo of the pup with our new digital camera!
2/03/99 - Einstein - There's a new member of the Crombe family.  Updated 2/3/99!
Vortex - A few animated GIFs I made for a young relative for his "club".
Link to GAschool.com - Guardian Angels School site
Aerial Photo of my house from a satelite on the Internet! (98k)
Hot new photos from Julie and Rob's wedding!
A group picture from Julie's wedding (right click & make it your wallpaper!)
Food for thought!
JC's 40th letter from Paul
A photo gallery of the great Cub Scout picnic 5/29/98
The kids with their after-school friends at their after-school care
Jonny wearing his cool new "Digi-mon" virtual pet.
Kids after their Spring Concert at school
Katie still with her concert makeup on
GM Tech Ctr where John does a lot of consulting work
Four guys having fun playing golf at Sylvan Glen!
Jan's sister Jeannie
The kid's on the beach Memorial Day weekend
Katie... Ohh!


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